Welcome to the Informed Prepper

Informed, adjective having or showing knowledge of a particular subject or situation.

A Prepper is a person who takes Personal Responsibility and Self Reliance seriously.

Human Factor

You would have to be living under a rock to not notice that this planet filled with people appears to be headed down a bad path. The population has become more divided, frustrated and angry. Here in the United States of America we see the mainstream media and politicians using race and prejudice as a vehicle to promote the liberal agenda and gain permanent power. Terrorists are becoming more effective closer to home by means of soft targets. In general people are becoming selfish and less caring about their neighbors. The social outlook is bleak for sure


While not much is being said in the media about the economy I notice many houses for sale. I see small business that survived the recession closing now while the “Economy is growing”. I don’t buy it


If the economy and  social aspect of today is not enough to concern you than maybe consider also that mother earth appears to be quite angry. We are continuing to see 100 year storms every few years. Rivers are becoming polluted by means of  industrial accidents. Trains are crashing. Power plants leaking radioactive water. Lets not forgot that Japan is leaking radioactive water into the ocean every day. Just last night I was watching the evening news and there was an industrial accident where the wrong chemicals were put in a storage tank. This resulted in a fog of chlorine gas.

Enter the Informed Prepper

While I’m very aware there are plenty of survival and emergency preparedness websites they are often overwhelming or over the top for people just starting to think about being prepared and protecting there families and future. It’s my goal at the Informed Prepper to at least start getting you to think about do something. I also believe that no matter how much you plan there is the possibility that an event will still leave you unprepared. You simply can’t plan for everything.  Maybe you can’t dig deep enough. Maybe you wont be able to defend your property. There seems to be a notion that we can prepare enough and that an invisible bubble of preparation will keep 50,000 city dwellers from wanting and taking what you have.  On the more cautions side of the spectrum maybe you only need to outlast a natural disaster such as a flood, tornado or blizzard. Better to be a little prepared than not be prepared at all.