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Wise Food Long Term Survival Food Kits

Wise Emergency Survival Food

All this talk of the Corona virus about to reach pandemic status has us seriously thiking of converting  a portion of what little savings we have to a 6 month supply of Wise Emergency Survival Foods.

I’m getting quite paranoid because for the last two months we have had a young Chinese girl living with us and she is originally from Wuhan (she left 5 years ago) and her parent’s still live there. She is speaking to her parents nightly and things are very serious there, much more so then being reported. I believe it’s time to prepare for a globally rough stretch.

Life will present challenges, especially unforeseen ones. While many of these challenges and obstacles can’t be avoided, you can always prepare for them. Wise Company offers a collection of high quality, ready-made dehydrated and freeze-dried foods that can help you and your loved ones prepare for nearly any emergency event. Many of our dehydrated items are also perfect for camping and hiking—simply bring along one of our light-weight ready-made meal pouches, add a little bit of water, and you have a nutritious meal in practically no-time.

Wise Company specializes in long-term food storage and long-term food supply. Most of our ready-made foods are dehydrated or freeze-dried, and they’re sealed in top-of-the-line containers or pouches, which prevent any unnecessary exposure to air or moisture—that means that our entrees can have a shelf life of 25 years or more! All of the food items are properly sealed and treated, so they can last for decades—or until you need them. The entrees featured within the long-term packages are especially delicious and nutritious: from lasagna to pasta alfredo and tortilla soup,

Wise Company offers dishes that suit every particular palate. Be prepared whenever disaster strikes—by stocking up on Wise Company emergency food items, you and your loved ones can be fully prepared if and when an emergency event occurs.

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